Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aur Haus

When the boyfriend and I officially moved in together, I thought to myself finally...finally I can start redecorating.  You see, there used to be this white leather sofa.  White leather sofa set. With holes.  Multiple gaping holes.  I used to greet the boyfriend at the front door with a kiss that had one eye glaring over his shoulder at that thing.  Oh, how that eye itched.

But it wasn't my place to assert my opinion or make changes yet.  And I knew and respected that.  But when that time came, oh how that itchy eye cried soothing tears of joy.

This room has become my favorite in our house.  I like it partially because I think it achieves the chic/luxe/offbeat aesthetic I attempted.  I like it mostly though because of who all the components in the room are.  There are pieces in this room that once belonged to my parents, my older sister, and my little brother.  There are pieces in this room that used to belong only to my boyfriend and only to me.  And there are the pieces that are definitively ours.  

It's always nice to have family around, you know?


  1. Magnifique! I had no idea you had design skillz as well!!

  2. Wow, so organised. I love it. Looks great!

    Love, Birgit

  3. Your house is gorgeous! Refined and organized with the perfect touch of whimsy. You definitely have a knack at interior styling!