Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Dining Room-Dexter Series

As of late, I haven't been taking many outfit photos due to lack of time and sunlight.  And so I've relied on the boyfriend + phone + Instagram to document.  We have a lack of suitable blank backgrounds in the house and so you get: the corner of our dining room.  

Oh believe me, I am not arguing the amateurish quality of this set of photos.  I always have a moment of ehh before I upload, but then I remember that I made the choice to overshare and post dubious photos of myself the moment I logged on to [insert social media site here] and created an account.

In the majority of the Dining Room Series, we also get special guest Dexter.


Who without fail will suddenly appear next to me and stare.  

The Dining Room-Dexter Series:

top & skirt: Forever 21, boots: Steve Madden, bag: Chanel

top & pants: Zara, heels: Alexander Wang, bag: Chanel

jacket & pants: Zara, tank: T by Alexander Wang, heels: Saint Laurent

hat: Urban Outfitters, top: Forever 21, jeans: Paige, heels: Alexander Wang

jacket: Forever 21, pants & boots: Zara

coat: Forever 21, leggings: Lululemon, boots: Zara

Fin.  Dexter and I thank you for stopping by.

Monday, November 25, 2013


When Devon from the NARS counter at Saks contacted me to tell me I had won the raffle for a NARS makeover party for me and five friends, I decided that my five would be...my mom and her four sisters.  

Tran is their maiden name, and ever since my two youngest aunts recounted a story about how a friend of their's muttered something about "those damn Trans" years ago, that's what they've been collectively known as.  Those damn Trans.

Glasses for champagne.  At 10 AM.

But there was orange juice, to make 10AM drinking less crazy.  Also, cupcakes.

'Before' group picture.  Cheers!

Now some before and afters!  Makeovers were always my favorite talk show episodes.

I accidentally deleted their before's!  Although I suspect that my mom (on the right) snuck away when I was taking the before photos.

My beautiful mama and I.

'After' group photo.

My mom after seeing this photo: "I'm so cute!"  

Thanks so much to SAKS, NARS, and Devon and his team for such a great morning!  My mom and her sisters are...not shy...and I love going out with them and introducing them to to friends.  When they all get together, there's such good fun energy that everyone becomes part of.  Devon emailed me after the event to tell me that my family was "crazy in the best way possible!"  

Those damn Trans.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fifi Phi, Outlaw Librarian

hat: Urban Outfitters , tank: T by Alexander Wang , belt: Gap , pants: Current/Elliot , 
boots: Givenchy

I recently discovered the comic book series Rex, Libris which stars "the incomparable Rex Libris, Head Librarian at Middleton Public Library, and his unending struggle against the forces of ignorance and darkness."  

Being a librarian myself, of course I absolutely loved this.  I think that if I was to be my own librarian comic book character, this is what I would wear.  Dramatic and mysterious hat, stylish yet comfortable basics (only logical for fighting ignorance and darkness), and BOOTS. THAT. TAKE. CARE. OF. BUSINESS.

My name, baby? It's Fifi Phi, Outlaw Librarian.

Shop my outlaw basics:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aur Haus

When the boyfriend and I officially moved in together, I thought to myself finally...finally I can start redecorating.  You see, there used to be this white leather sofa.  White leather sofa set. With holes.  Multiple gaping holes.  I used to greet the boyfriend at the front door with a kiss that had one eye glaring over his shoulder at that thing.  Oh, how that eye itched.

But it wasn't my place to assert my opinion or make changes yet.  And I knew and respected that.  But when that time came, oh how that itchy eye cried soothing tears of joy.

This room has become my favorite in our house.  I like it partially because I think it achieves the chic/luxe/offbeat aesthetic I attempted.  I like it mostly though because of who all the components in the room are.  There are pieces in this room that once belonged to my parents, my older sister, and my little brother.  There are pieces in this room that used to belong only to my boyfriend and only to me.  And there are the pieces that are definitively ours.  

It's always nice to have family around, you know?